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Body massage, Kiev

The fast and dynamical rhythm of our life dictates to the modern person necessity to change constantly and to be arranged under its realities that frequently conducts to reception of stresses, weariness and intensity accumulation. Ever less time remains on paying ourselves attention, to relax, indulge us.

To relax, distract and forget about daily routine, problems and cares, to encourage not only a body, but also soul, to present new, bright positive emotions, massage, in particular, - erotic massage - can help.

At modern people, basically, in perception visual and acoustical aspects dominate, but massage urged to cause and develop thin sensations of a body, to expand borders of feelings and sensuality, to present the sea of pleasure, to open completely the potential of sensual pleasures that is put in a human body.

Body massage is an extremely pleasant and tender kind of massage. It is pleasant to any person to feel gently touch, stroking, tickling. And it's many times more pleasant, when it is done by the beautiful, well-groomed girl who knows precisely how to make it so that you have received a maximum of pleasure. She touches easily with finger-tips, tickles by her nails, passionately nestles on all of you body, then starts to stroke you by her breast, a tummy in the special rhythm arranged under you.

How do we make body massage?

body massage KievBody massage begins that the girl slowly and very gracefully takes off from herself clothes, takes oil and with smooth movements puts it on her body. Her suntanned skin beautifully flickers and is poured in soft romantic and mysterious light of candles. Under quiet slow music smoothly and sensually she starts to slide on all your body, caressing it by her breast, the tummy, buttocks, touching it easily and gently, hotly and passionately, and more and more gets you by her heat and affinity.

It is the passion embodied in plastic of movements, in the real, sincere dance of a body. It is a cocktail of caress, tenderness, sensuality and heat. The basic receptions of the given massage – is sensual stroking, easy grindings by gentle female hands and sliding of a body of the masseur on your body, and also influence and stimulation of erogenous zones of all your body.

It is an uncontrollable falls of passions, sensuality and eroticism. You will appear at state of full physical relaxation and receive unique and incomparable sensations.

At the end of massage you will get bright orgasm and desire to repeat it all again many times!

Body massage is a dance of the body, which overall objective is to present you a holiday of sensual pleasure!  

The minimum order of  body massage - 30 min, costs 300 UAH, with 1 girl, (500 UAH - 2 ladies); 1 hour - 400 UAH, (2 ladies - 600 UAH).

Present yourself the combination of erotic body to body massage with 2 ladies with lesbian or pip-show, - You will never forget this exciting trip to the world of erotic imaginations!!!



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